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My WIFEY is better than yours~!

OMG, sooo_obnoxious went to europe and I got the sweet sweet benefits with out the cost of passport or vaccinations. SHE IS SO SWEET. ILU.

She gots me perfume, post cards (MOULIN ROUGE BABY), book mark (OMG I LOVE Versailles <33), and a cell phone charm from FRANCE ANDS I got such a lovely necklace whens he was in Spain OH OH OH *rolls* SHE IS TOO GOOD TO ME NO? THANK YOU SO MUCH SWEETY *0*~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tags: happy, ilu, omg, yay
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aww so cute *O*

she's a nice waifuuuuuuu!!!!!!

I'll stole your waifu if you dont care about her xD
Back off >O YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL WIFE YOURSELF. >>.. they might room together in college
we might need to be worried XD
Aww~ what a nice friend ^^
Can't see that well but the phone strap seems cute~
awwwe, sorry my cell takes the crappiest pictures. The cell charm is so cute it says <3 paris in pink rinestones :D
out of curiosity, what vaccinations do you need for europe? ;)
Entschuldigung D: Ich habe keine Idee....I was making a bad joke. I really don't think you need any, but I will ask her <33
Nice gifts~
What a lovely friend!
you are more then welcome! i am sorry it is only little things (things are horrendously expensive over there) SO i hope you enjoy <3 YOU DONT NEED VACCINATIONS ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD next time i go somewhere i will bring home another momento <3