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Randome Question for teh peanut gallery....?

So, I haven't been keeping up. I really only pay attention to the gyaru scene in Japanese Fashion which really has enough pass by trends to make my head spin that I can't keep up with the others. Gyaru seems to have way toned down since I last checked. In Egg (somewhat Ranzuki) all I'm seeing is Haaady Style or Oneegal. Which is fine.. they are cute. I like teh striped shirts, the sweaters with the balls, flannels and black/gray/white/red colors that I am seeing around.. but it seems so plain. I was wondering about the rest of the styles though. Like is himegyaru considered to be out? (I know the mamba cross breeds are pretty much out) Or is it just in the background kinda like EGL when and the hardcore fans stay vs. the BOOM people whom leave it after a new style hits the scene? what about decora? Is that dead? Anyways, maybe one of you Fashionistas can tell me what is the popular and what has happened to all those back trends.

.. like I said random XD
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